Beginners Guide to Drupal: Content and Content Types

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This is the second part in the Beginners Guide to Drupal series.

Content types form the basis of Content Management. In Drupal, content types contain title and custom fields. Content types give organization to the Drupal content. Each item of content is called a node and each node belongs to a content type. Each content type defines various settings for a node of its own type, such as whether the node is promoted automatically, whether comments are permitted, how content is added to the site, where in the navigation menu the node is placed, what fields of information are collected in that node, among others.

Adding content types

To view content types as an administrator, go to the Structure > Content types. Clicking on Content types will open the administration page which displays a list of the existing content types on your site. By default, Drupal contains two content types – Basic Page and Article. From this page, click Add content type to add a new content type. (see Figure 1: Content types page)

Figure 1: Content types page

From the Add content type page, you can build your new content type. First, you have to fill up the Name field which is the name of the new content type and add some description (optional). The machine name beside the Name field will also populate with the “Name” field data. This machine name keeps your content type unique. (see Figure 2: Add content type)

Figure 2: Add content type

There are some settings on that page from which you can configure: whether its comments for the contents of this content type is permitted; whether the contents are promoted; where in the menu the content is placed, among others. After filling up the form on this page, you can hit the Save and add fields button to manage the fields of the new content type. (see Figure 3: Add content type)

Figure 3: Add content type

The new content type has a new unique name, a default required Title field and a Body field. From the manage field page, you can add other fields to this content type. (see Figure 4: Manage fields of new content type)

Figure 4: Manage fields of new content type

Adding content

To add a new page of content (node) you can go to the Content > Add Content or just click Add Content from your site’s front page and choose the appropriate content type. Clicking on Add Content will open the Add Content administration page which displays a name and description of every content type on your site. (see Figure 5: Add content)

Figure 5: Add content

After clicking the suitable content type, it will take you to the content type editor where you can create your new content. By filling up the fields of this content type, you can create your content (node). (see Figure 6: Create content)

Figure 6: Create content


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