Project Highlights

  • Cool Cleveland is a Cleveland-based e-journalism company. Grype developed the entire newsletter publishing suite and web mash-up for Cool Cleveland. The portal gets 400,000 hits per day, publishes approximately 30,000 articles and has 90,000+ active subscribers.
  • Following the re-implemented web and social media strategy by Grype, Cool Cleveland’s user base increased from 12,000 to 90,000 within a year. This is a massive 700% increase.

The Project

Originally launched in 2002 as a newsletter on a volunteer basis, the demand for CoolCleveland’s information and contribution by journalists and contributors has steadily grown. CoolCleveland was quickly moving from an email newsletter skyrocketing in popularity, to a vibrant hub of information used by a steadily increasing realm of the Cleveland community. 

The Challenge

The company needed a sophisticated e-news publishing platform for their unique needs that also leveraged social media platforms to build subscribers, made tangible by a strong web presence. 

The Solution

CoolCleveland reached out to Grype Solutions, whose first job was to provide a multimedia e-news platform that served as a custom solution for CoolCleveland. By working in partnership with the CoolCleveland team, Grype was able to widen out the original scope to deliver a product that went beyond simply responding to a technical brief. The final e-news platform allowed for multiple editors to submit articles, create workflows and publish to a massive subscriber base with a minimum technical knowledge. The platform empowered the editors to do their jobs in a more streamlined way. Personalized support and training by Grype during the launch phase ensured the process moved smoothly. Along the way, Grype helped facilitate an incredible 750% subscriber increase for the newsletter. 

How to Deliver a 750% Increase?

To supercharge CoolCleveland’s social media strategy the web portal was built to leverage social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr, publishing them to one platform. The content management system simplifies this process by allowing editors to choose ‘best content,’ which is then aggregated and published to the portal automatically. The combination of existing subscribers who were now able to engage with social media on CoolCleveland, and the ease with which editors could now post to multiple platforms saw web subscribers grow from 12,000 to over 90,000. This was a powerful marketing tool as all subscribers were opting in freely and encouraging their networks to do the same.

Grype believes that “you can’t improve what you can’t monitor”. An analytics tool was requested for mobile applications only, and Grype agreed with the CoolCleveland team that web statistics were also necessary for comparison and understanding traffic sources. This business intelligence tool is now used regularly to track key web statistics and make strategic decisions on where CoolCleveland needs to go next with content, based on user experience.

Meeting Expectations and Over-Delivering

A key frustration of web managers, including CoolCleveland, are technical issues that should be simple to fix but keep recurring. Because of the massive traffic they were receiving, the CoolCleveland website was repeatedly crashing without indicating the root of the problem. The site was then migrated to a Grype server, and three weeks of site monitoring and debugging lead to a robust site that loads in three seconds despite being content rich and receiving 400,000 hits a day.


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