• Greystone College is a private vocational school established in 2002, that delivers quality career and vocational training in three locations: Vancouver, Toronto and New Delhi.

  • Greystone College is part of the ILSC Education Group, which has been offering students quality language learning and vocational training programs since 1991. 

The Challenge

Greystone College’s website was using .NET, most website changes (however minor) needed to be done by developers, which became costly. The client wanted majority of the website content and design to be editable by their content and design team, allowing more freedom and creativity when creating website content. The design was also outdated and was not built to be responsive to mobile devices. 

The Solution

Grype was tasked to create a new website that will run on Drupal 7. However, given our expertise and knowledge of Drupal, we suggested to create the website on Drupal 8. Drupal has signi cantly improved several aspects in its latest version, including usability, integration, and backend management, among others. And since this is most recent version of the framework, it will have a much longer lifespan, making the upgrade more valuable.

The new website was designed with the latest technologies, making it captivating and eye- catching for Greystone College’s potential students, while also ensuring that the content and website management is a breeze. Content creators and editors are able to add pre-designed sections as needed; while in-line editing makes page editing done in a matter of seconds!

Following launch, the Greystone College team was trained to maintain the website themselves and Grype is helping them with further improvements and feature developments. 

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