Project Highlights

  • Hill Times Publishing has a large Drupal database and portal that simulates the Canadian parliamentary system
  • Project included the content migration of over 25,000 bills, events, regulations, events, and news items, among others
  • Also included editorial workflows to take content through stages and stakeholders for input and approval

The Project

Hill Times is Canada’s leading government newsweekly with five newspaper brands, each catering to a specific genre and audience. The focus of this project was the migration of the Parliament Now paper from Drupal 6 to 7. After the first client consultation, it was clear that we could add significant value by: 1) improving the layout and 2) creating a backend database that would enable a user to create a highly customized news summary from many items of complex parliamentary documentation.

The Challenge

Parliament Now has a high volume of content – over 20 years worth of sessions, legislations, press releases and much more - so the first challenge was a smooth migration to the new platform. In addition, the large subscriber base with many individual intricate subscription preferences had to be maintained. The client also communicated the need to present all of this complex documentation to users in a more meaningful way.

The Solution

The real star in the show here was the data modeling. Behind the end result, a beautiful summary of complex documents, lies an algorithm that creates views of the many types of parliamentary documentation, and summarizes it according to a user's preference. The advanced data model is actually a replica of the Canadian parliamentary system within Drupal that stores a multitude of information including Member of Parliament data, senate data, events, press releases, regulations, and legislation information -- no small feat, but the Grype team loves a good challenge!

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