Unique Home Sites is a platform to build single property websites for real estate listings. It allows real estate agents to build websites for their houses for sale within minutes. The application runs over 500 property and brokerage sites and allows agents, photographers and brokerages to easily publish property information.

Grype is developing the next generation of the Unique Home Sites application and also supporting the 500+ websites running on this platform.

Who is Unique Home Sites?

Creating a competitive edge for their real estate agent clients, Unique Homes Sites (UHS) provides them with an easy tool to use that creates a website within minutes. The websites showcase the sellers’ home, and make it easier for home buyers to find properties through organic Google search.  Grype is UHS’s technology partner of choice and has helped develop UHS run its websites through their SaaS Platform since 2012, and implemented process and infrastructure improvements that have grown with the business.

Grype is Proactive and Solutions Focused:

Smooth Integration with MLS Saves Realtors Time so they can Sell More Homes

Using the Unique Home Sites websites previously, the real estate agents would have to manually login and quote to create their websites as well as update it themselves later on. This would only create frustration in creating more work for them in having to go back to the website and manually change things themselves instead of using that time to show potential buyers their homes. To fix this problem, Grype created an automatic synchronization of property listings between several real estate boards, including OREB, TREB, CREA and a National DDF feed. This had made the property information that was entered in MLS by the real estate agents dynamically update in the single property websites.

Delays in Billing Solved!

Whenever a broker would gather bulk deals across agents in order to get a discounted price, the billing for this bulk pricing was always done manually. This would create a delay for both ends, on billing and on payments, which would not be an ideal process for everyone to keep on track of things. Grype had implemented automatic recurring billings for these high priority customers to solve this issue. It had saved a lot of time for both the realtor and UHS. The time that UHS had put into manual billing has now turned into having the time to improve their product, which directly impacts its profits and revenues.

UHS had Reached its Maximum which Halted their Business! How did Grype Help?

Since UHS offers real estate agents to be able to create so many websites one after another, the engines being used had reached its maximum amount of 16,000 active websites being served from a single server. This is a great turnover of website creation for Unique Home Sites, however this had created a massive problem in its business since it couldn’t generate any more websites. It’s whole business had stopped. How did Grype solve this problem?

Identifying the problem was the biggest challenge as the website crash would not leave any trace or error log when the sites had reached their maximum. However, Grype prides itself on going to the root of the problem to effectively solve the issue, instead of providing just a “Band-Aid” solution. Therefore Grype had took on the challenge with determination and over some time, was finally able to pinpoint the root cause and effectively disable many of the background processes of the older websites so that the websites of the properties that are currently being sold receive a higher priority in the listings. This way UHS was able to serve even more websites, using the existing clients’ server resources.

The Best Thing about Working with Grype?

“Grype has been a tremendous resource for our start-up, providing critical IT development support during a period of transition with our company. They were very sharp in understanding the requirements for all of the projects assigned to them, which allowed us to focus on our business and marketing strategy. They were also very proactive in proposing recommendations and alternative solutions to many technical challenges and I would certainly recommend them to any company looking for IT support,” says Brian Baxter, CEO of Unique Home Sites.

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