Farhad Khan, CEO & Digital Strategist


Farhad Khan



Farhad Khan is an association membership site consultant and the driving force behind Grype Digital. He has worked with associations for over 15 years helping member-based organizations realize their potential by building meaningful web experiences that automate their member onboarding, engagement, and retention 


Farhad's mission is to assist organizations in building websites and membership sites with clear revenue strategies and member engagement plans while automating their marketing efforts with the innovative  Member Lounge Platform



About Farhad Khan:

Passion and expertise converge in Farhad, whose love for membership growth strategy knows no bounds. For 15 years, Farhad's company, Grype Digital, has been building large-scale membership sites for professional associations. His expertise lies in creating web experiences that truly engage and delight audiences, helping member-based organizations reach their full potential.

Farhad noticed that many organizations were building websites and membership sites without a clear revenue or member engagement strategy. Some strategy consultants would offer big-picture plans but lacked the technical execution, while developers without experience in member-based organizations struggled to collaborate on engagement strategies. Recognizing this gap in the market, Farhad took action and created Member Lounge to help fix this.


About Member Lounge:

Member Lounge is the perfect tool that stands in the gap between the strategy and innovation needed to automate association membership marketing, onboarding, retention, and growth.

Member Lounge is the association's member’s only website and the go-to for members to access all association benefits in one place. It integrates with your organization’s website and CRM to deliver a seamless experience for all your members.



Armed with a solid foundation in software engineering, Farhad earned his Bachelor of Engineering degree from Carlton University in Ottawa, Ontario. This educational background continues to fuel his technical brilliance and innovative problem-solving skills.


Industry Awards:

  • Top 40 Under 40 award by the Ottawa Business Journal, 2016
  • Entrepreneurial Rising Stars Award by Invest Ottawa



Farhad is a strong believer in professional development and networking. He actively participates in renowned organizations such as:

  • Member of the Association of Tech CEOs 
  • Member of the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE)
  • Member of the American Society of Associations Executives (ASAE)


Articles & Mentions:

Farhad's expertise has garnered widespread recognition, featuring in distinguished publications such as:

  • New Scientist Magazine
  • Ottawa Business Journal
  • Invest Ottawa
  • FreshFounders.


Personal Interests:

Beyond the digital space and helping associations grow, Farhad embraces a balanced lifestyle with interests in Yoga, Running, and Badminton - activities that fuel his energy and creativity.


Experience the Transformation:

Elevate your organization's digital presence and member engagement with Farhad Khan and Member Lounge. Through the strategic fusion of technology and innovation, Farhad and his team weave enchanting web experiences that leave lasting impressions.


Contact Farhad Khan:

2821 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1V 8N4

Phone: 613-518-4001

Email: farhadkhan@grype.ca

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