Like many other startups, the Grype team appreciates taking some time off to relax and enjoy the festivities. But we also realize the importance of staying on top of the tech game - the trick is finding some.

Check in with your values and sources of joy

Our team finds a great sense of gratification and fulfillment from delivering client work and seeing the smiles on our partners' faces. But as we all know, the startup life can be challenging, so we are also grateful for the family and friends that support us and give us the energy to keep going. We make it a point to end the year with them knowing this, and celebrate with our family and friends the joys they have brought us all year-round.

Set New Year’s resolutions for the growth of your startup

Because we realize that personal growth is tied to the success of our startup, we make sure to consider New Year’s resolutions that are dedicated to our business growth. Any startup is a reflection of its team members. That is why setting such resolutions is a task that extends to everyone involved in the startup including salespeople, marketers and software developers.

Reflect back on your mistakes and learning experiences

What values, experiences and encounters have we had this past year? How did we learn from them within and beyond our workplace environments? As the year comes to an end, we find that it’s helpful to invest some time to think back to those experiences that impacted us the most. Two things that people regret not doing often are reflection and risk-taking.

Work on your tight deadlines, but don’t let it take over

It may be a full-on relaxation period for most people, but for many entrepreneurs the Holiday season may be the busiest when it comes to business projects. Perhaps a client quote is under preparation, or software breakdowns are requiring immediate attention. When this is the case, set a separate time during the holiday for meeting such deadlines - don’t be that person who turns on his laptop to work while at a family get-together.

Eat like there is no tomorrow

Certainly, this is the time of year where you can indulge in guilt-free eating and stock up on calories. Because why else would you have Do Regular Exercise on the top of your New Year’s resolution list?


What are you cheering for this holiday season? Flare some cheer in the air and inspire us by sending us a message or tweeting with #holidayfestivities. Have a wonderful Holiday season.