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If you are responsible for sales and marketing in your company, it might feel like you are tasked with the impossible.

You may have read blogs, attended events and tried many sales and marketing tactics without much return. It's easy to spend marketing dollars by doing various things, it makes you feel good knowing that you are spending on marketing so the results will eventually come!

​​It's great to be optimistic in an entrepreneurial role like yours, but if you are not getting adequate results from your marketing and sales, it means there is something fundamentally wrong in the process.

Doing more of what is not working will only amplify the problem.

Einstein said
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."

If this sounds familiar, you need to pause, take a step back and take a holistic look at your marketing, sales and service delivery processes.

Take a minute to consider how you are currently marketing your organization. Smart marketing is all about delivering an experience, not simply posting ad after ad. Advertising, social media and sales calls are just the building blocks of an overall experience of how you interact with your clients. It’s your responsibility to make this experience as delightful, user friendly, and painless as possible by adding value and maintaining continuity between interactions.


No matter how great your services are, just saying so on your website is not enough to convince your visitors.

Wouldn't it be great to have a marketing program so effective that you get a constant flow of leads to your business and a good proportion of them converting to paying clients?

Wouldn't it be even better to deliver so much value to your clients so that they become ravishing fans of your organization?

In this roadmapping session, we take an objective look at your business as an outsider and without bias. We identify the weakpoints in your processes so that you can cut down spending on these areas. We identify opportunities that will give you higher returns quickly and help you generate cashflow.










In the four years that Cool Cleveland has worked with Grype, they consistently create smart, workable solutions. They leave no problem unsolved and they were our first choice for the Cool Neighborhoods project we launched this year.

Thomas Mulready - President, Cool Cleveland


What do you get at the end of this roadmapping workshop?




A roadmap with actionable items you can

implement immediately 




An expert analysis of your current situation



Who will lead the roadmapping session?



Your session will be led by me, Farhad Khan, CEO of Grype. I believe that technology should be used to improve lives and create opportunities through meaningful connections. I have devoted my career to helping clients and organizations be the best version of themselves and use digital technology to take their organizations to new heights.



I have won several awards over the years and my work was featured in various magazines.












This is right for you if ...


    • You are a business with 2-20 employees
    • You have a digital marketing budget set aside
    • You sell products or services valued over $500 per client
    • Your current marketing and sales efforts are not delivering adequate results
    • You already have a website
    • Your sales is between $200K to $2M / yr
    • You are ready to implement the roadmap within 3 months

    This is NOT right for you if ...


      • You have an in-house marketing team
      • You sell small retail products
      • You do not have a website
      • You do not have a digital marketing budget set aside
      • You have more work than you can handle
      • You do not have a website
      • You have an endless flow of incoming leads
      • You have more work than you can handle
      • You are not willing to implement this within 3 months of the workshop




      Our roadmapping fee is a one-time investment of $500 + HST.

      This fee is credited to your project if you continue to work with us to implement the roadmap.


      This is how it works



      • You complete the form below to apply to work with us
      • We send you an intake questionnaire to get more detailed information about your  your business
      • We meet for 1 hour to go over the roadmapping workshop. We tear down your business processes to identify the weakpoints that are leading to lost revenue.
      • We identify growth opportunities for you to sell more to existing clients 
      • We identify channels and techniques to acquire new clients
      • Our team reviews the results from our roadmapping session and does further research to create your action plan
      • We provide you with your roadmap containing actionable items that will get you immediate results


      Many of our clients are able to fully implement our prescription roadmap internally without the need for outside help. But, depending on our availability, we may be able to jump in and help you take action on everything that we’ve prescribed for you.


      Entrepreneurship is hard. 

      But we, entrepreneurs, are stronger together. You don't have to do it alone. There are already so many unknowns in business that you should get all the help you can get to increase your chances of success. I have learned my lessons the hard way but you don't have to. You can use this roadmapping session to jumpstart your digital marketing.



      We have limited number of roadmapping workshops available every month. Please book your session as soon as you can to avoid delays in scheduling. Every day you are not growing, you are losing out on opportunities. Time is the one thing you do not get back. 

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