Let’s say you want to improve your organization’s website. Where do you start? It’s important to understand what role your website plays in your organization’s marketing strategy and have clear goals about what you are trying to achieve.

In this episode, Osamu Wakabayashi and Farhad Khan have an in-depth discussion about creating a roadmap for your website. The episode is packed with good information, so make sure you take notes as you listen. They talk about the ten steps of a successful website project, strategies for gripping design, tips for client engagement, characteristics of quality goals and milestones for reaching them, pointers on content marketing, and a healthy sprinkling of wisdom scattered throughout.

Websites are more than pretty pictures and clever gimmicks. At core, they are your way of telling who you are to a world in a mad rush to get on to the next thing. Take the time to think through what you have to say in a conversation with two people who have done it a hundred times before and know what can go wrong and how to make sure it goes right.

You can reach Osamu at osamu@zenideas .ca and learn more at zenideas.ca.