Convince Your Boss, Convince Your Board!

How To Get Your Membership Site Project Green-Lit By Your Higher-Ups.
Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 1:30 PM EST
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Let's Learn: 

  • The formula to find the budget you didn't know you had.
  • The data & approach you need to make your case.
  • How to inspire your team to take a member-centric approach that will prioritize the membership site.​​​​
  • A path to uncover where you can increase member engagement and member retention.
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with Ronja F. 
Member Engagement Specialist


Save Time

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Who is this Webinar for?
You are a member-focused association staff watching your members flounder on your membership site, or lack thereof. You know that improving your membership site will improve the user experience of your members. You understand that happy members renew themselves. Every day with your lack-lustre membership site is another day of frustration for your members and staff.

But getting the approval to make a significant change to your membership site is hard! Your boss and association board have many priorities and the membership site is not at the top.

In this webinar, you will learn how to prepare a proposal that will win over your team. Learn how to present the fact, collect the data and find the budget to get the approval needed to make significant changes to your membership site.

A membership site, or a member portal, is a powerful tool for your association to better serve your constituents while also streamlining work performed by your association's team. A custom membership site will revolutionize how your association delivers your member benefits to your members, increase member engagement and retention and free up your staff by automating as much of their work as possible!

What People Are Saying about this Webinar
"Thank you for the webinar. It will really help us make informed decisions!" — Paul Seale, Membership Engagement Manager, Pillar Nonprofit Network.

"This is valuable information and will help us know how to get things done!" — Erin Vanderstelt, Manager, Membership Engagement and Growth, Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

"Very helpful. Soaking it all in. Very useful info!" — John Velleco, Executive Vice President, Gun Owners of America

"Great Session!" — Ailsa Archer, Coordinator, Membership and Administration, The Club Management Association of Canada

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