2014 has been an interesting time at Grype.  I joined the team in August as a Software Developer, and was immediately involved in several projects, both as a lead and as a developer. 


In November our founder, Farhad Khan, was named a Rising Star of 2014 by Invest Ottawa. You can read more on the Global Entrepreneurship Week Ottawa website.

As a group, Farhad, Gabriel Riera and myself participated in Ottawa's Startup Weekend on November 21st to 23rd. We initially started working on Farhad's Flyta idea, but pivoted to another idea, Guia, when we realized that completing the idea over the weekend was a far too agressive schedule. The idea we worked on took third place, which was very impressive given that we had spent a complete day on the first idea. 

Following Startup-Weekend we took on Flyta as a social project to help you send gifts to friends and family living abroad at a fraction of traditional courier costs. If you haven't already, please take the Flyta survey.

Farhad also presented a talk at the monthly Drupal YOW in November on the topic of "Consultancy Scrum - Agile Development in Consultancy Projects" that was well received.

We also recently completed our new website.

Before I joined the team, there were some other changes, Grype moved into their new Ottawa office on Merivale and Hunt Club.  Gabriel Riera, Business Development and Client Relationship Specialist, joined the team in July.

Recently we added another member in Dhaka, Rahat, in Business Development Specialist.

It was a year of growth, which we all strive to continue into the new year.

Season's Greetings from all of us.