Member Lounge

Member Lounge takes your member marketing on autopilot.

Managing a membership may seem challenging and even frustrating at times. But the right strategy and tools can get you tremendous traction with your membership with little effort.

Create better member engagement from onboarding to renewal!

Easily onboard your members so they are active in your community

Use automated onboarding email series from our library or create your own onboarding email template to welcome members in your association. 

“I also just really appreciated how it really was a journey of kind of potential members to retaining members that I hadn’t looked at in that way before.”

Caitlin Plant. Program Manager, Distress and Crisis Ontario

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Present your resources in a searchable resource library

We help you present your resources in an organized and easy-to-navigate portal so your members can easily find what they need, whenever, wherever. 

“The membership portal has really improved efficiency. On the staff side, it’s proved efficiency. From the member’s side, it’s been an incredibly positive response.”

Siobhan O’Connor. Associate Director, The Writers’ Union of Canada

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Clearly promote your benefits on the member portal

Always keep your members updated with your current and up-and-coming benefits to keep your members engaged and excited with your association’s benefits.

“Helped us realize we could do less while offering better value – a huge saving in time and money.”

Laura Kersey. Executive Director, CISV USA

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I am hearing excellent things about the member portal from members. They love all the new information and how it’s presented. Easy to use, easy to navigate.

Zalina Alvi

Membership Manager, The Writers' Union of Canada

Let your members connect with each other and build a community

Help members build meaningful connections, grow your community and get valuable insights through your associations own forums, activities and member portal tools.

After one week since launch, 650 members are already using it. So user friendly and intuitive. Everyone can use it perfectly.

Zalina Alvi. Membership Manager, The Writers’ Union of Canada

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Promote your events seamlessly to your membership

Create dynamic events promotion to your members and keep them updated with any announcement and news about your industry or association.

“In terms of automation now, it’s really getting our audiences very meaningful messages. And making sure that what we send connects with them in a very specific way”

Grant Mellow. Chief Operating Officer, Sunbelt Canada

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What do I get with Member Lounge?

Create dynamic events promotion to your members and keep them updated with any announcement and news about your industry or association.

  • Exclusive access to your members and their benefits in one portal
  • Maximize association staff time by using an association management system that is designed with the association in mind
  • Helps association manage member data and engagement with a CRM

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Member Lounge is customized to uphold your brand and your unique needs

Your association is unique and that’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. Member Lounge can be customized to match your specific needs and workflow in one integrated system.

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