Build Winning Member Journeys with a Technology Ecosystem with Jeff Horne

Find out how you can boost member exprience with a modern technology approach

About this Episode

Did you know your association’s technology ecosystem plays a pivotal role in member journeys. Tune into our episode to learn more about a technology ecosystem and how to leverage a tech ecosystem to create a smooth member journey in your association.

Here’s what we talked about in our super insightful session with association technology experts Jeff Horne and Farhad Khan

Highlights of this Episode

  • Evolving Technology Landscape: Shift from traditional systems to more modern and interconnected tools to create a seamless member journey. Dramatically improve your member engagement and member experience within your association.
  • Strategic Integration Systems: Strategic approach to technology selection in your association to ensure it meets the needs of your members. Find out the right questions to ask your vendor for the best solution.
  • Technology to Boost Operational Efficiency: Empower your team by choosing a technology ecosystem that boosts job satisfaction and productivity, ultimately boosting your association’s growth.
  • Technology Challenges and Overcoming Them: Navigating Association Management Software challenges to maintain a high-quality member experience in your association.
  • Trends and Future Direction: Current trends and future of association management technology to enrich your overall association’s experience.

About our Guest

Jeff Wicket is the Co-Founder & CEO of Wicket.io, the world’s first member data platform. He is a passionate advocate and catalyst for innovative software solutions for member-driven organizations.

He has been working with digital technologies for over 20 years and has instrumental in boosting member engagement with the power of technology and strategic technology planning in the association and nonprofit sector.

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