365-Day Member Communication: Re-Engaging Your Members in a Post-Covid Era

About this Episode
Let's dive into reengaging your members and
lapsed members through a multi-channel communications approach. The lives of your members have been changed by the pandemic and so does your association's membership marketing and messaging. We discuss the importance of acknowledging where your members are at and how to renew buy-in from your members, volunteers and staff.

About our Guest
We are honoured to have Scott as our guest for this episode. Scott has spent the past 25 years working with hundreds of associations. He is an accomplished speaker and writer and respected guru in the membership communication space. 

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To help you implement the advice Scott shares in this podcast, please use the handy Know Your Membership Guide & Worksheet to create a deeper understanding of who your audience is so you can invest in creating content and member benefits that appeal to them!

See the Full List of Questions from the Podcast
We have provided the list of questions we asked Scott in this episode for your reference:

Today we are going to talk about post pandemic marketing. Given that things are starting to open up, how should we approach our marketing in this climate?

Associations generally know how to help out their members on a professional level. How can associations help out their members on a personal level?

Are there certain areas of marketing that we should be focusing more on moving forward, such as online events?

If an association has not been actively involved on social media platforms, is there an easy way for associations to identify where their members are online?

Over the pandemic, associations have been doing a lot of webinars. What we are hearing from some of our clients is they are more likely to do smaller events moving forward than bigger, less frequent events like an AGM. What do you suggest?

Do you have any advice for how associations can make webinars more engaging for their audience and maintain that communication after the webinar?

If you were to design your marketing campaigns, how would you design them differently for your prospects versus members, or if you have different member segments?

You have been running marketing campaigns for associations for a long time; do you have any thoughts on a good balance between how much communication is too much?

On the other end of the spectrum, we also want to track conversion, do you have any marketing metrics that you prefer to track? 

When someone is investing in smaller campaigns to bring their prospects to the end of the marketing funnel, in their journey in between, what do you think is important to track? 

Do you have any good examples of freebies that you can give away to members? 

It is usually harder to sign up a new member than to keep an existing one. How do you design the member experience throughout the year to increase member retention rates? 

How do we get our members to get more engaged in our mentoring program and stay committed to it? 

Is there value in providing content that is unrelated to your organization but better valued by your market sector?

Do you have any strategy or advice on how we can re-engage lapsed members? 

How can I communicate with my members using a lead to coordinate discussion with a number of volunteers or members? 

Do you have one key takeaway for our audience today? 

Can you tell us about a personal habit that has contributed to your success? 

Can you share with us a tool or a strategy that makes you effective at your work?