Accessible Web Design Without Tradeoffs: Leaving No Member Behind Online

About This Episode
Listen to renowned web accessibility expert David Berman, as he explains how accessible web design can help to improve the user experience of your members on your membership site and help expand your membership.

About Our Guest
David Berman has over 30 years of experience in design and communications and has worked extensively in e-accessibility and inclusive interface design. David is the author of Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World, UN Special Advisor on web accessibility and W3C Invited Expert.

David's practical inclusive web design suggestions have been summarized in this handy Web Accessibility Checklist & Worksheet. Download a copy to get your association started on making your website more accessible. 

Full List Of Questions We Asked David
Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your work?

Why is accessibility important to you?

Often people are not sure if they want to make their site accessible, what are the first steps they should take? Do you have any thoughts on the best practices of accessible web design?

How would you go about doing a needs analysis of your stakeholders?

If our audience has an audience that is an older population would you choose to address visual accessibility over other accessibility functionality (eg. hearing impaired), how would you choose to divide your resources

How can we make it more welcoming to our stakeholders with disabilities to self-identify?

How do we do accessible design on a limited budget?

How do we convince developers that accessible design is important?

Can you think of other reasons that make for powerful arguments to design for accessibility?

You mentioned that accessible design improved the user experience for all users; do you have examples of this you can share?

For our audience members who are not familiar, can you please explain what WCAG is?

From WCAG’s three levels of accessibility, how do you choose between which level of WCAG accessibility do follow on your site?

Do you have any thoughts on using external accessibility tools or build into the website?

Would you prefer an external tool to fill the gap, or do you think it's not effective?

Think of a hypothetical client who has an older website and they don’t have the budget to rebuild their website. Where would you start to improve the site?

Since a lot of our audience are associations who have member benefits, what advice would you give to association executives to make their member benefits more accessible?

How can we make a design artistic and also accessible?

How can we include people with accessibility needs in our development process, and not just the usability testing?

What are some concrete steps we can take to meet accessibility standards today?

What are some examples of popular websites that are most accessible?

What if you have to implement accessibility features that don't quite comply with W. 3 C. guidelines?

Closing Questions
What would be your key takeaways for our audience today?

Can you share a personal habit that has contributed to your success?

Can you share a tool or strategy that helps you with your work?

How can people reach you?

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