Podcast: Onboarding is the key to member retention!

About This Episode
Did you know it costs more to attract new members than hold on existing ones? Learn the right strategies to create an onboard experience that will keep your members engaged and looking for renewal.

How you welcome your members is a process that can provide huge returns to your association. Learn how to set a long-term success trough an effective onboarding program.

Join us with our special guest Mark Levin and see how making your members the centre of your story can transform your association.

About Our Guest 
Mark Levin, CAE, CSP has more than 20 years of experience as an association executive and is also an internationally renowned speaker and consultant to the non-profit and association community. He currently serves as Executive Vice President of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute, an international trade association, and as President of B.A.I, Inc.

He is also an award-winning author; his books have been successful on five continents and have received numerous recognitions for training and motivating membership volunteers, as well as being hailed as useful tools for retaining members year after year.

We talked about
What you need to know to discover strategic opportunities through the member journey.

A streamlined onboarding process can save the association and its members time and money

How to increase your membership satisfaction and loyalty.

Audience Questions 
Are there strategic opportunities in off-boarding/cancellation process? Should this process be different base on how many years with association member had?

What is the most important strategy/tactic proven to retain members?

What are the best strategies to attract younger supporters, ensuring the next generation of the organization?

Aside from member discounts on an annual event, what are some of the most useful member retention strategies that that other associations currently use to inspire loyalty?

Are there any special considerations when the members are organizations (not individuals)?

How do you manage your members' expectations in keeping them engaged and not putting yourself in a position to do all of the legwork for them?

What are some strategies you can use with new members to retain them the following year?

How to find the balance between membership cost and value?

How do you take care of members without feeling overwhelmed?

How can we use the learnings about member retention for member recruitment?

How do you convert lapsed members that quit because of a challenge with former leadership?

What are the best and worst type of tools to engage members?

What's the best way to get and retain members?

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