Live Podcast:
Member-Centric Strategic Planning:
The Mistakes Associations Make with their Members

Everyone in the association world thinks they are member-centric...
but do your decisions really reflect a member-centric approach?

Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at 2 PM ET
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  Let's Talk About:

  • Why it's hard for executive directors to be member-centric.
  • The relevant information needed for strategic planning for membership.
  • The right information you need from members & how to get it.
  • The difference between a member & a member who volunteers.
  • How to get the right perspective to better serve your members.


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 with Special Guest, Carol Hamilton,
Strategic Planning Expert
Grace Social Sector Consulting




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About This Episode
Getting the right information from your members is the very first step of building member benefits that your members will actually use. Your association creates benefits based on what your members want. But they don't use it. Our special  guest, Carol Hamilton, Strategic Planning Expert, will share her knowledge on how to understand what your members need and how to plan your member journey to keep your members happy in this exclusive podcast interview. 

About Our Guest
Carol Hamilton is a Strategic Planning Expert and Podcast Host at Grace Social Sector Consulting. She partners with associations and non-profits to get clarity to envision their future direction and design key goals through strategic planning. She is an expert in strategic planning, organization development, and nonprofit management and is a frequent speaker and trainer on these topics. Her mission is to help associations to have a greater impact in fulfilling their mission.

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06/22/2022 - 14:00