Membership Lead Generation: SEO For Associations

About This Episode
Learn about SEO and how to create content that will have prospective members coming to your association. In this episode, our guest Brock Murray shares his expertise on how to become an authoritative voice with great content on your public-facing website. Stop chasing around for new members and learn how to bring them to your door!

About Our Guest
Our special guest, Brock Murray is the Co-Founder and COO of seoplus+, a leading international Digital Marketing Agency. Brock is a full-stack digital marketing specialist and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) expert with experience in content marketing strategy. He has a passion for helping businesses establish, grow and maintain their online presence.

Full List of Questions We Asked Brock
Can you tell us in brief why associations should invest in SEO?

For an association, what areas of SEO should they focus on?

You mentioned that content should be in-depth; what defines depth in the SEO world?

How long should your blogs be?

Any advice on identifying keywords?

SEO algorithms are always changing — you catch up with the current standards and then they change. How can we keep up and stay relevant?

Is it possible to create evergreen content (pillar content or topic clusters) that will always be relevant and desirable to search engines?

How would you come up with pillar content?

Tell us the idea of creating content around the pain points in your membership.

Will Google penalize us for sharing the same blog on different platforms?

For the average association, what key performance metrics should they pay attention to for SEO?

If an association’s website is on the third page in Google search results, what does the association need to do to get to the first page in Google search results?

Can you recommend any SEO monitoring tools, for example with competitive intelligence?

Say that an association ranks on the top page of Google search results, how can an association improve the user experience on their site once they click?

Leveraging your high Google Search ranking to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

Associations have different types of content on their sites (eg. blogs, webinars, etc); is there a way to inter-connect the content for better SEO results?

How much content should an association have on its site?

How often should an association publish new content?

The difference between investing in SEO and paid ads?

Does having web pages that are low traffic hurt your SEO?

What is your advice to associations who haven’t started their digital marketing: where should we start?

What is one potential SEO trend that is not popular now that you see gaining traction in 2022?

What are your top tools for SEO analytics?

What are the most important Google Analytics metrics to watch?

How do you think Core Web Vitals will start affecting websites on search?

For membership sites where most of the quality content is hidden behind the member login, SEO cannot see these pages. How can we balance keeping content private to members but benefit from SEO from those pages?

Sharing teaser content and using paywalls for SEO search engines can see the content but users cannot.

Closing Questions
Do you have any key takeaway for our audience?

Can you share a personal habit that contributed to your success?

Can you share a digital tool or strategy that helps you with your work?

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