Targeted Marketing and Audience Segmentation for Associations

About This Episode
Creating a marketing strategy for associations is complicated because they have a variety of stakeholders, each with their own relationship to the association. The information that is relevant to each of those audience segments varies, as does the marketing. Listen in to this podcast to learn how to work smarter rather than harder to create targeted marketing for your different audience segments from one of the best nonprofit marketers in the industry.

About Our Guest
Our guest Kerstin Heuer, is the Founder of HeuerDesign | Non-Profit Today. She has over 25 years of experience working with over 500+ nonprofits and associations to create their web design, navigation, email marketing, social media and branded content.

Full List of Questions We Asked Kerstin
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Where should associations start with segmenting their audience?

Let's dig more into your buckets. If we look at bucket one: how would you put different audiences into one bucket? Would you combine multiple audiences if the messaging is similar?

Say an organization has an audience divide of 60%, 20%, 10%, 10%. How would you design the content of a website to reach a four different audiences? The 10% audience may be very important (say, donors).

Should an association design their website and cater the messaging to give more real estate and more messaging to the segment of their audience who are less invested in the hopes of getting their attention, and less real estate to their audience that is more invested who will look for content that applies to them?

How would you target different audiences with the navigation on a website with regards to above the fold and below the fold?

For the website navigation (or website architecture), how would you target the different audience segments?

In terms of the information architecture itself, how would you group the pages on the website?

How would you approach structuring your email marketing to connect with your many audience segments if you have limited time and resources?

Many people spend time on social media without having clear goals. If you were to plan a social media campaign for a client, how would you approach it?

How much time would you spend creating social media content for each of your audience bucket or umbrella?

If I am a professional association or a non-profit and I don’t yet have an overarching marketing and communication plan, where do I start?

Say as association has an overarching marketing strategy for the year, how would you plan the activities for the first quarter?

Do you have any material on your website that we can link to on this topic?

Here is the link to get Kerstin's downloadable Breakthrough Marketing Tool.

Closing Questions
What would be your key takeaway for the audience for today?

Can you share a digital strategy or tool that helps you be more effective in your work?

How can people get a hold of you?

When your domain ends with an unusual domain, like your email at .today, do you find people think there is a typo or mistake?

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