Member-Centric Approach: Train Your Association to Focus on Members First

About This Episode
The lack of member focus is a common problem that many associations experience. How would it be possible to ensure that they are making member centric decisions?

It is time to examine the ways associations can improve their practices to lead them to a higher level of member retention. Join us and our special guest Tom Abbott and learn all you need to know to have member-centric solutions.

About Our Guest 
Tom Abbott is president and board director of several nonprofit organizations with over 25 years of experience. He is the Co-founder & CEO of AMC NPO Solutions and an authority on Governance. Also, he is a proven and certified motivational speaker and author who has motivated audiences in excess of 10,000 people and spoken in over 20 countries.

Tom shares his international perspective on member-focused associations based on his expertise. His mission is to contribute useful information that will help you to obtain more member retention.

We talked about
Why is it difficult for associations to make member-centric decisions?

The relevant information needed to increase member retention.

How to have member-centric services and solutions.

How to train the team to have member-focus daily activities. (How to inspire your team to take a member-centric approach.)

The right practices to avoid the lack of member focus.

Audience Questions 
What is the most effective way to encourage women to become involved?

The most effective tactic you have found?

How do you deal with multi-generational members to focus or engage with them all?

What is the best way to show member-centricity?

How to discover what members want even if they haven't expressed the need.?

How do you reconcile customer-centric with member-centric when non-dues revenue is increasingly important?

How does the membership team communicate to staff that membership is everyone’s responsibility?

How to get member feedback on what they would like to see in their member area other than surveys?

How to better support our members which are affiliated organizations,  rather than individual members?

How to support members when we are a small association with very few resources?

What are some KPI Private Clubs could use to measure membership success?

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