Website Redesign Roadmap

Strategic Planning Workshop

Turn your website into a marketing machine without doing a redesign

  • Grow your sales
  • Grow your membership
  • Enjoy higher member retention


What is your website for?

If you are like most people, your website is your first impression on the outside world.  You want it to be a good one!

But it has to do more than impress.  It has to turn visitors into leads, leads that can turn into clients.  People come to your website because they have a problem and they want to know if you can be trusted to solve their problem. Your organization has a great history of serving your industry and you know you provide a great service.  But visitors don't turn into clients when the website's design is tired and its flow is cumbersome.

Your website is a marketing tool that needs to convince your visitors you understand their pain and that you can be trusted to solve their problem.


The problem is that you don't have an infinite budget.

That's where our roadmapping session comes in.  We help you think strategically and to make changes to only the parts that really need it without breaking the bank.

Our workshop is right for you if:

  • Your current website is not delivering adequate results
  • You do not have an in-house web-development team
  • You are ready to implement the roadmap within 3 months
  • You are a business with 5 - 200 employees

Digital Marketing Roadmap

Strategic Planning Workshop

Grow your sales with our digital marketing roadmap

It's easy to spend marketing dollars, but what's the point if those dollars are not bringing the returns you were hoping for?  Perhaps you need a fresh breeze of new ideas.

Our digital marketing roadmap takes an in-depth look at where you and and where you could be.  We look at what you are doing and what you could be doing, stuff you might not have thought of before.

Take a look in the mirror and see if there is anything you could be doing differently.  Have an objective thinker think on your behalf and help get the creative juices flowing.

This workshop is for you if:

  • Your current marketing and sales efforts are not delivering adequate results
  • You already have a website
  • Your business has between 2 and 20 employees
  • You sell products or services valued at over $500 per client

Digital Strategy


The first step towards building a solid digital strategy is having a deep understanding of an organization’s ecosystem.

We work with organizational stakeholders to discover business goals and opportunities, and with end-users to uncover their unmet wants and needs, along with what’s working well for them. This allows us to provide informed guidance and important recommendations around existing digital initiatives, planned digital projects and new ideas.

One of our primary goals is to identify the right challenges to address before your organization commits more time and money developing solutions that might not address the right thing.

Collaboratively, we can develop a strategic vision that aligns with both the needs of the organization and it’s users alike, so we can ultimately build the right thing.

  • Research/Discovery
  • Product immersion
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Information architecture
  • User persona identification and definition
  • Content personalization strategy
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User flow diagrams and workflow sketches
  • Analytics and measurement plan
  • Agile development readiness
  • Technical assessments
  • Roadmap development