Custom Membership Website Development

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Jumpstart Member Engagement with a Custom Membership Site

Your association needs a designated place for your members to:

  • Engage with your member benefits.
  • Find opportunities to grow professionally and personally.
  • Connect with other members.

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Your Website vs Your Membership Site

Your public-facing website is part of your sales team while your membership site is part of your membership management team. Your prospects and your members need a different experience.

  • Your website is to market to prospective members while your membership site is for your members.
  • Your website content is geared for prospective members while your membership site content caters to your members.
  • The website has lead magnets while the membership site offers a user journey for members.

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The roadmapping process was extremely wonderful, it really made the difference in what we got as an outcome. It focused all our intentions on what was best for the membership, always taking into account what adds value and what distracts from value. We can now better track our revenue streams.

Laura Ripberger

Executive Director, CISV USA

Timeline & Pricing

A custom membership management site is a large project that takes a minimum of 3-to-4 months to build and a minimum cost of over $10,000. Let's discuss your project to see what the timeline and price would be for your needs.

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Start with a Workshop!

Let's make sure that your association gets the right membership site that meets your association's needs and budget. We help our clients to determine where their growth is, the functionality they need, and identify what is the best membership site roadmap for them. A workshop is to:

  • Laser in on your association's goals, mission, successes, key players, audience, and growth trajectory.
  • Identify functionality that will help you save time and money and see a return on investment.
  • Create a 1-year implementation roadmap to build your membership site functionality in phases.

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Membership Site FAQs

How much does a custom membership site cost?
A custom membership site is a sophisticated website, with an array of features, member communication automations and ways to track member activity. Expect to pay at least $20k to $30k, and budget for monthly maintenance and support costs. To get a realistic and accurate estimate for your membership site development project, it is best to have your project professionally scoped. We offer membership site scoping services. The cost of the scope will be credited to the cost of the project. Contact us for more information.

Associations often underestimate their budget for a new membership site because they forget to consider the potential for increased member-revenue from an improved membership site. With an improved user journey on your membership site that engages members, your member retention will increase and your revenue grow.

How long will it take to build a custom membership site?
A custom membership site will take between 3 and 6 months to build. This time period will not be only for development but will require a staff member from your association to step in as project manager to advise and collaborate with your development service providers. Be prepared to allocate several hours a week to meet with the project manager from your development team to review work requirements, see demos and provide feedback throughout the process. To get an estimate on how long it will take to create your membership site, book a call with us.


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