Workshop: Digital Marketing Roadmap

Learn how you can easily develop an actionable digital marketing strategy to generate new leads!

Learn how to:

  • Deliver an experience that is user-friendly. 
  • Improve how you interact with your members. 
  • Add value to your membership and maintain a relationship.

In this roadmapping session, we will:

  • Take an objective look at your business as an outsider and without bias.
  • Identify the weak points in your processes so that you can cut down spending on these areas.
  • Identify opportunities that will give you higher returns and help you generate cashflow.


Listen to our Clients' Testimonials of our Workshop!

membership site civicrm associations
civicrm member portal template for associations
We’ve just started implementing some of the recommendations and are already seeing a difference, which is very exciting!

Gaeby Abrahams

Membership Manager, The Writer's Union Canada

Client Stories

Susan Moore, AAC
Community Engagement Manager
International Institute of Business Analysis

"It used a lot of the things that we talked to our business analysis professionals about, we also had some really good input and output materials that we could put our hands on."

What do you get at the end of this roadmapping workshop?


A roadmap with actionable items you can implement immediately.


An expert analysis of your current situation.

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We guarantee that our workshops will help your association develop ideas that will offer a return on investment of 10 times the cost of the workshop.

Workshop Facilitators


Your session will be led by

  • Farhad Khan, Digital Strategist & CEO of Grype Digital.
  • Lydia Israel, Membership Engagement Specialist. 

Farhad Khan has won several awards. His work was featured in various magazines.

This is right for you if ...

  • You are a business with 5-200 employees.
  • You sell products or services valued over $500 per client.
  • Your annual sales are between $500K to $10M.
  • You are ready to implement the roadmap within three months.

This is NOT right for you if ...

  • You do not have a digital marketing budget set aside.
  • You do not have a website.
  • You have an endless flow of incoming leads.
  • You do not have the capacity to implement suggested changes within three months of the workshop.


Our road-mapping fee is a one-time investment of $2490 + HST.
This fee will be credited towards a membership site development project with Grype Digital.

How it works:

  • We will schedule a free consultation with you and ask for a few data points to help us better understand what we are looking at.
  • If it looks like we can help you with your membership growth, we will book you for a one-on-one Member Journey workshop.
  • In this session, our goal is to review the services you offer your members and understand how they are accessing those services.
  • We will identify gaps in your member journey that are keeping your members from benefitting fully from your services.
  • After our workshop, we will create a report of the gaps we identified and your action plan to grow your association.

Entrepreneurship is hard.
But we, entrepreneurs, are stronger together. You don't have to do it alone. There are already so many unknowns in business that you should get all the help you can get to increase your chances of success. I have learned my lessons the hard way but you don't have to. You can use this roadmapping session to jumpstart your digital marketing.

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Membership Site FAQs

What is a membership site?
A membership site — also called a member portal or member hub — is a members-only area where members can access their member benefits. The content is gated behind a member login. The membership site is linked to your public-facing website. Members can use the membership site to update their membership information, renew their membership, register for events, watch videos, download resources and stay in touch with other members.

To learn more about membership sites, read our blog, A Tale of Two Entities: The Benefit of Keeping your Member Portal and Website Separate.

What features should you have on your membership site?
A membership site should facilitate your members to engage with your association’s member benefits. Providing an intuitive and easy-to-navigate experience is key to maintaining member engagement and retention. Any other additional feature on your portal should directly benefit your members and the work you do to support them. Anything else can be removed as it adds clutter and confusion to the user. Less is more.

How can our association increase member traffic to our website?
Your association has created valuable member benefits for your members — only that they are underused by your membership! Improving traffic to both your public-facing website and your member-focused membership site is done by creating a user experience that is appropriate for the audiences visiting your website. Your public-facing website should be used to target your prospective members, while your membership site’s messaging should appeal to your members.

To learn more about how to improve traffic to your membership site read our blog 5 Reasons Why Your Members Don't Use Your Association's Website.