Workshop: Website Redesign Roadmap

Turn your website into a marketing machine without doing a full redesign!

Website Redesign Strategy

Learn How to:

  • Increase conversions and grow your membership numbers. 
  • Successfully promote your benefits and enjoy higher member retention.  
  • Build partnerships to maximize reach and generate awareness.

In this roadmapping workshop, we will:

  • Take an objective look at your website as an outsider and without bias. 
  • Identify weak points that are losing visitors and turn them around.
  • Identify opportunities to easily connect with your members.
  • Identify issues and areas of improvement. 


Listen to our Clients' Testimonials of our Workshop!

membership site civicrm associations
membership site civicrm associations
Your advice was so helpful! We definitely want to implement your suggestions!

Cathy Xu

Fund Development and Community Engagement Coordinator, Pacific Immigrant Resources Society

Client Stories

Siobhan O'Connor
Associate Director
The Writers' Union of Canada

"They were extremely personable, extremely responsive. We had a team, we met with them weekly. It provided great updates and interactions and opportunities to problem solve."

What do you get at the end of this roadmapping workshop?


A roadmap with actionable items you can implement immediately.


An expert analysis of your current situation.

guarantee shield

We guarantee that our workshops will help you develop ideas that will offer a return on investment of 10-times the cost of the workshop.

Workshop Facilitators


Your workshop sessions will be led by:

  • Farhad Khan, Digital Strategist & CEO of Grype Digital.
  • Lydia Israel, Membership Engagement Specialist. 

Farhad Khan has won several awards. His work was featured in various magazines.

This is right for you if ...

  • You are a business with 5-200 employees.
  • You sell products or services valued over $500 per client.
  • Your annual sales are between $500K to $10M.
  • You are ready to implement the roadmap within three months.

This is NOT right for you if ...

  • You do not have a digital marketing budget set aside.
  • You do not have a website.
  • You have an endless flow of incoming leads.
  • You do not have the capacity to implement suggested changes within three months of the workshop.


Our road-mapping fee is a one-time investment of $2490 + HST.
This fee will be credited towards a membership site development project with Grype Digital.


How it works:

  • We will schedule a free consultation with you and ask for a few data points to help us better understand what we are looking at.
  • If it looks like we can help you with your membership growth, we will book you for a one-on-one Member Journey workshop.
  • In this session, our goal is to review the services you offer your members and understand how they are accessing those services.
  • We will identify gaps in your member journey that are keeping your members from benefitting fully from your services.
  • After our workshop, we will create a report of the gaps we identified and your action plan to grow your association.

Building a membership site that also helps grow your association is not easy!
Some associations are able to implement our action plan on their own. If you need assistance in implementing your action plan, our team of membership engagement specialists and developers can help.

Book your first workshop session to get started on a new path today! 

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Membership Site FAQs

What is involved in a website redesign?
A website redesign is when changes are made to your existing website, rather than scrapping it and building a new website from scratch. This is a good option when your website tech is modern and flexible, but perhaps the original content and user journey aren't bringing your organization the desired amount of lead generation and member engagement.

How much does it cost to get a website redone?
The cost of redoing your organization's website depends on the scope of work that is required. We will look at your goals and your data to see what is required to increase the lead generation and user engagement of your website.

How much time does it take to get a website redone?
The timeframe involved in redoing your organization's website depends on the scope of work that is required. A rough estimate would be a couple of weeks to a couple of months. A website redesign requires a strong partnership and time commitment from your web development service provider and your association's staff. New website copy, new features, and many small and large decisions will need to be made on a weekly — if not daily — basis.

Do I need to rebuild our association’s website or can I improve the site we already have?
When your website site isn’t meeting the needs of your members and your association staff, a website audit is appropriate. Get an assessment on whether your association’s website can be reworked and improved or if it needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. There are many website template-building tools on the market as well as software development companies that can integrate your website with a CRM, such as CiviCRM.

To help determine if a template website tool or a custom-build website is appropriate for your association, read our blog Custom vs. Template Membership Sites: What Is Right For You?.

What tools do associations need to manage their members?
Associations need the right tools to be able to manage their members, membership types, staff, events, donations, communications, and all the little details that go into running an association. Associations need a back-end CRM to keep their staff organized, such as CiviCRM. Association’s need a front-facing public website geared towards their prospective members. Associations need a membership site with gated content for their members to access their member benefits. Associations need an email marketing tool to manage their communications and ways to track their member activity and website traffic, such as Google Analytics.

Read in more detail about the tech tools associations need to successfully manage their membership in our blog The Top 5 Member Management Tools for Associations.