Digital Growth workshop for Associations
Double your association membership with our digital growth workshop



As a professional association you work hard to create programs for your users. A lot of your time is spent working with partners, donors and professionals in your field. You do the heavy lifting so your members don’t have to. After all, that’s why they choose to be a part of your community.

You know your worth, but your members don’t always see the value in the services you provide. Why should they? People think if they can find free alternatives to your services online, then why should they pay you. It’s often difficult for others to see the value in your services without experiencing what it will be like to be a part of your community.

If you are like many who have gone through our material, you know that people are getting increasingly busy and have limited attention spans. If your services and programs are not easily accessible or the user doesn’t see how it can meet their needs, your prospects will move on!

Your prospects expect your services to be easy to use, intuitive and are not going to require them to think too hard about the promises you make on your website. You need to go the extra mile to cut through the noise and show them how being a part of your community can help them with their needs faster and with little effort.

Right now, you have a good member base but your members and potential members don’t always see the full value of your services. What impact will it have if you could delight your users and grow your sales by 30%? What about 60%?

We would like to introduce you to our digital growth workshop for associations. A lot of our clients have benefitted from this and it’s really the thing we love doing best!

We will come in and analyze exactly what you have in place right now and come up with a personalized prescription that will help you grow sales at your association.


What do you get at the end of this roadmapping workshop?




A roadmap with actionable items you can implement immediately



An expert analysis of your current situation



Who will lead the roadmapping session?



Your session will be led by me, Farhad Khan, CEO of Grype. I believe that technology should be used to improve lives and create opportunities through meaningful connections. I have devoted my career to helping clients and organizations be the best version of themselves and use digital technology to take their organizations to new heights.



I have won several awards over the years and my work was featured in various magazines.












This is right for you if ...


    • You are a business with 5-200 employees
    • You have a digital marketing budget set aside
    • You sell products or services valued over $500 per client
    • Your current digital marketing is not delivering adequate results
    • You do not have an in-house digital marketing team
    • Your sales are between $500K to $10M / yr
    • You are ready to implement the roadmap within 3 months

    This is NOT right for you if ...


      • You sell retail products for $50 or less per item
      • You do not have a digital marketing budget set aside
      • You do not have a website
      • You have an endless flow of incoming leads
      • You have more work than you can handle
      • You are not willing to implement this within 3 months of the workshop
      • You don't believe in yourself




      Our roadmapping fee is a one-time investment of $500 + HST.

      This fee is credited to your project if you continue to work with us to implement the roadmap.


      Here’s exactly how it works



        • We will schedule a free consultation with you
        • We will learn a bit more about you and your organization and we will ask for a few data points to help us better understand what we are looking at
        • After our free session, if it looks like we can definitely help you with your membership growth through better segmentation and tailored services for your members, we will book your one on one “Member journey” workshop
        • In this session we will tear apart your registration process, the services you offer your members and how your members are accessing those services. During this session our goal will be to fully understand your organization’s services
        • We will identify gaps in your member journey that are holding new signups or that are keeping current members from benefitting fully from your services
        • After our workshop, we will create a report of the gaps we identified and your action plan to grow your sales 


        Many of our clients are able to implement our prescribed action plan on their own. However, if you need assistance in implementing them, our team of marketers and developers can implement the action plan and assist you throughout the process to ensure growth of your association.


        Growing sales at your association is not easy!

        But it's not rocket-science either. There are proven methods of connecting with your audience in a manner that builds your credibility. We have narrowed it down to a process that we cover in this workshop. You don't have to do it alone. You can use this workshop to supercharge your sales.




        We have limited number of roadmapping workshops available every month. Please book your session as soon as you can to avoid delays in scheduling. Every day you are not growing, you are losing out on opportunities. Time is the one thing you do not get back.

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