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Craft the Perfect User Journey to Keep Your Members Engaged

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About This Webinar
This webinar will show you how to enhance the user journey and create one that works perfectly for your present and prospective association members. 

You will learn how to experience your website and membership site through the eyes of your user; to predict what they are looking for and anticipate what they will find relevant and helpful.

This exercise goes beyond intuitive navigation into creating a user experience that is satisfying and brings the user to a higher place of knowledge. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of your audience is key to member retention and growing your association.

Topics Discussed in This Webinar

  • Anticipating what the user wants next.
  • Impressing members with added value.
  • Intuitive navigation and CTAs.
  • Content relevance.

Website & CRM Recommendations
We will also discuss the software that we recommend for associations. We discuss CRMs — namely CiviCRM — Drupal and WordPress. We'll discuss the various membership management tools on the market and you'll leave better equipped to make the right tech decisions for your association. We also discuss the difference between custom-built membership sites and done-for-you template options.

Compliments From Our Webinar Attendees
"Very interesting!"  Isabelle St-Jean, Stakeholder Engagement, Health Products Stewardship Association

"This was been very helpful!"  Anita Purcell, Executive Director, Canadian Authors Association

"Thank you. This was very informative! Great presentation."  Julie Lepine, Manager, Community Relations at the Canadian Internet Registration Authority  

"Excellent webinar, thank you!" — Jeanette Leafloor, ASCHA

"Thank you! Very informative and have ideas when improving our website & using CiviCRM to accomplish this." — Sheree Trotman, Harlem Lacrosse

"Great Session. Extremely valuable information."  Jennifer Taylor, Vice-President, Marketing & Member Relations,  at Tourism Industry Association of Canada

"This was great. Thank You!"  Drilon Gojani, Communications Manager, at Kentucky Primary Care Association

"This session has been very informative!"  Sonia Thompson, Manager, Online Content at PhillyCAM Studios

Who is this Webinar for?
This webinar is best suited for association executives, membership managers and marketing managers who are at a crossroads trying to determine the direction they need to go to improve or change their association's website and membership site.

This webinar will give your team the information you need to make an informed decision about improvements, upgrades and changes to your CRM, public website and membership site.

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What is a Membership Site?
A membership site (also called a member portal or member's area) is a powerful tool for your association to better serve all your stakeholders.

Public Content vs. Members-Only Content
Having a membership site — separate from your public-facing website — allows you to create a curated experience for your members. This frees up your public website for content that is more appropriate for prospective members and other external stakeholders.

Streamline Internal Processes
A well-designed membership site also streamlines work performed by your association's team. By improving the user journey and experience for your members and prospective member, the frequency of customer service requests drops significantly. This frees up your staff time to invest in building your association and your content.

Member Benefits Delivery
A benefits-delivery-focused membership site will revolutionize how your association delivers your member benefits to your members. Increased member engagement and retention are possible!

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