Our Process

Clean design + Solid code = Sophisticated websites

We like to visualize what it would be like to reach our goals and take steps today to get there. We do this for every project. We do not plan based on what you have now, but what you could have tomorrow if sky was the limit. We then carefully plan each project to get you the most return out of your budget and get you closer to the future you envisioned for yourself.


1. Discovery

Whether you know what you want, or you need to flesh out the idea, we get to know your business, goals and ROI expectations. We speak fluent technical as much or as little as you want.

  • We’ll get to know you, your users, audience, competitors, partners and referrers
  • Demonstrate we understand your ideas and needs
  • Introduce you to your Grype team

2. Design

Before we commit to any coding we scope out the key features of the solution before bringing these to the client for feedback. This gives you peace of mind that we are all on the same page, and we have sight of any challenges.

  • Collaboratively create plans, sketches, storyboards and visuals of the solution
  • Work with you to sign off on the features and key functionality of the solution
  • Agree the key milestones and line these up with key business milestones
  • Produce prototypes where needed to perfect the User Experience design (UX)

3. Develop

This is where we put the plans and design into action. We follow a Rational Unified Software development model which breaks down the software into smaller features. This allows us to work on multiple items in parallel, speed up development and enables our clients to test new features as they are designed.

  • We choose the technology that is right for the client
  • Our development model is thorough and robust, and gets you to market faster
  • You can be assured every project conforms to the latest accessibility requirements
Quality assurance.

4. Quality Assurance

Our QA team tries their best to break the features and functionality – any defects are fixed so the site is bullet proof for launch.

  • We evaluate each detail, no matter how trivial
The launch.

5. The Launch

It’s time to push the big red button – your site or application is ready to go-live. We’ll have taken all the right steps to ensure you can sit back and enjoy the show. If you need help marketing/tweeting/pinning the launch, we can do that too.

  • All old links redirected and content migrated
  • Load times and site performance at its peak
  • All content optimized and analytics ready to track it
  • We’ll be watching to ensure its smooth

6. Support

All Grype customers benefit from 24/7 priority support with a two-hour response time guarantee.

  • Complimentary 30 day period to report bugs which are fixed free of charge
  • Reports on site performance and SEO
  • We believe in continuous improvement – you may want tweaks after a few weeks of user feedback, and we’re happy to help

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