Double your association membership with a member portal and a proven digital marketing strategy

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As a member-based organization you spend a lot of time and effort in building services for your members, but your members don't always see the value in your services. There are proven ways to make your services more appealing to your members. Read on to find out how!

Problems Associations Face

If you are like most associations, you are probably facing the common problems we have come across in our experience working with associations for the past ten years.

  • Your members do not renew their membership.
  • Your audience does not see the value in your services.
  • Your members are not engaged and are at risk of leaving.

Solutions We Offer

After working with many professional associations and member-based organizations, we have seen the difference that a well-crafted member portal and effective digital marketing strategy can make. Creating your digital roadmap before you start creating your website and marketing makes all the difference in your success. To this end, we invite your association to book a hands-on workshop for your team to help your associations:

  • Grow your membership
  • Increase member retention
  • Increase your member engagement leading to higher sales

It is common for associations put their effort into creating social media posts or build a new website, hoping to attract more members. You might have already tried this but you saw little-to-no change in your membership numbers.

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Our Workshops

Our three strategy workshops have been created to find the root cause to address the specific problems your association is facing today. Book a workshop for your team today to create a strategy to: 

  • Grow your membership
  • Increase member retention
  • Increase your member engagement
  • Lead your association to higher sales 

Start by booking a free 15-minute strategy consultation.

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