Project Highlights

  • Lead to Win had a complex workstream that resulted to an administrative burden on a volunteer-led organization
  • The solution reduced administrative time from 40 hours to 4 hours weekly

The Project 

Lead To Win is an award winning business development program that has, to date, invested over $7.5 million to grow businesses in Canada's National Capital Region. The goal has remained the same since Lead to Win was founded: each business is to generate a minimum of six jobs in the next three years. 

A business applies to the program through the completion of an online form, and if moved to the next stage, is invited to attend an Opportunity Review. These reviews are scheduled monthly and are divided into four business streams, attended by an expert, a volunteer and a review panel. 

The Challenge 

As a volunteer-based organization, comprised of busy individuals, optimizing the use of reviewers’ time is essential. The incumbent booking system was manual, and as a result, one change in attendance to an Opportunity Review, by the reviewer, or business, and the subsequent rearrangement resulted in significant amounts of administrative time just to create a new schedule.

The Solution 

The Grype team created a workstream that enables the Opportunity Reviews, founder attendance, reviewer availability and room assignment, all to be automated. This sounds simple, but in reality, is a hugely complex program, that ultimately saves Lead to Win days of administrative time each week – for instance, one change in attendance to an Opportunity Review generated around 50-75 manual emails in the old system. One Opportunity Review in the manual system was booked at 40 hours, and the Grype-designed workstream has since reduced this to an amazing two to four hours. This has many other applications in the organization and the client continues to meet with us to develop these ideas.

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