Software Consulting - Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this Consulting Service Level Agreement (SLA) is to formalize an arrangement between Grype Solutions Inc. (Grype) and the client to deliver specific consulting services at an agreed-upon cost. This agreement is intended to provide details of software consulting services provided to the client. This SLA will evolve over time, with additional knowledge of the client requirements, as well as the introduction of new applications and services into the consulting portfolio provided to the client.

Services Provided Under This Agreement

  • Software consulting – Defined as activities associated with strategy, design, development or implementation of software.
  • Design and development – Design, develop and implement new software or improve existing software. This includes activities included in preparing feature strategy, architecture, providing technical leadership, design and development of software.
  • Technical consultation – Provide technical consultation through meetings, email or other electronic media.
  • Corrective maintenance – Defined as activities associated with root-cause analysis and bug-fix isolation and resolution.
  • Root-cause analysis – Analysis of the root causes of problems. Problems will be reviewed to determine their root causes, measures will be taken to correct the sources of the problems, and reports will be prepared and distributed in a timely fashion.
  • Bug fixes – Defined as the emergency repair of any system operation that does not comply with the current signed and approved system specification. This includes system errors, “hung” or halted screens, or unexpected results within the system that render it unusable for the purpose for which it was designed.

System management – Manage server software or third-party software tools used by the client. The set of tools managed are determined through consultation with the client and as agreed by both parties.

Status Updates

Grype will provide weekly or daily status updates on client’s work based on the nature and priority of the ticket.

Response Time

Client issues are looked at based on ticket priority and amount of work needed. Priority of individual tickets are determined by the client or the Technical Lead of the project. Estimated ticket resolution time and explanation of priority codes can be found at this link.

Customer Acceptance

Completed features are released to the customer either incrementally or through scheduled releases. The customer agrees to review completed features and provide feedback on software logic within 2 weeks of release. If no feedback is received within this period, the work will be marked as complete and invoiced.

Production Testing and Free Bug Fixes

  • 30 day test period – All “qualified features” deployed to production receive a complimentary 30 day test period. The client is welcome to test the application with their users during this test period and report bugs. Bugs reported during this period will be fixed by Grype free of charge.
  • Qualified features – All features that were billed for 10 effort hours or more qualify for this test period.
  • Definition of Bugs – Bugs are defined as unexpected behaviour in features that are clear deviations from the feature’s specification. User experience improvements do not qualify as bugs0

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