Elizabeth Dove joins us to discuss Corporate Citizenship. We go into an in-depth discussion about how to create community programs to engage your community and also get tangible benefits from it at the same time. Elizabeth shares what corporate citizenship means for organizations and the community and why corporations should use their brand power to drive social change.

Here are links to several projects that Elizabeth shares in her talk.

Newcomers to Canada –  https://www.airbnb.ca/openhomes. The Canada Corps program to connect volunteers with organizations –  https://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/canada-service-corps.html

What we believe?

We are a mission-driven digital agency; we believe technology should be used to improve life and create opportunities for everyone.  We do that through digital marketing solutions and digital services to engage and delight your audience. 

What does corporate citizenship mean to you?

Why do you think is it so important for corporations to give back to the community?

Why are millennials more likely to choose mission-driven works? (organizations) (works is right )

How are social responsibilities different for smaller organizations?

Is it possible to design a community program that is win-win for the community and the organization?

Some organization decides to work with local community partners, and some have one local community program.  Which would you prefer?  When is it a good idea partner with someone?

How do you think companies get benefits from Programs?

Why you think this is a successful program?

What are some measures of success?

What are some small organizations that had successful community programs?

How do you help other organizations create and execute community programs?

What are some digital tools that are being used by companies to manage their program?

What are your top three takeaways for the audience?