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Non-Dues Revenue: How Associations Can Diversify Their Revenue
Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 3 pm ET
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 Let's talk about Non-Dues Revenue!

  • What constitutes “Non-dues”?
  • Why is non-dues revenue so important to associations? 
  • How do you analyze if you are doing well or not?
  • What are some key non-dues revenue areas? 
  • Does non-dues affect your member model/pricing strategy?
  • How important are partnerships? 


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 with Special Guest, Edward Byers, Director, Membership & Business Development at CSAE.





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About This Episode
Let's learn about how your association can diversify your revenue with non-dues revenue ideas
. Our guest, Edward Byers, will share his expertise on non-dues revenue and how associations can diversify their revenue. Let's talk about why non-dues revenue is so important to associations and some key non-dues revenue areas.

About Our Guest
Edward Byers is the Director, Membership & Business Development at CSAE Canadian Society of Association Executives. Edward is an expert in business development and member engagement for generating revenue for associations through membership drives.

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01/18/2022 - 15:00