5 Tactics to Grow Member Engagement Webinar

Learn how to drive member engagement and retention with some strategic goals and tactics!

"Grype helped us realize we could do less while offering better value - a huge saving in time and money"
— Laura Kersey, Executive Director, CISV USA

Tuesday, 17 January 2023 at 2:00 PM EST
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Let's Learn: 

  • Solutions to the common member engagement challenges.
  • How to design with your end user in mind.
  • The three levels of member experience that your association should address.
  • How the ideal member journey experience looks.
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with Niaz Nasir 
Membership Specialist


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Who is this Webinar for?
You are a member-focused association executive watching your members flounder on your membership site, or lack thereof. You know that improving your membership experience means better engagement, investment in technology and growth for your association. You understand that happy members renew themselves.

About this Webinar
In this webinar, you will learn key insights to evaluate your association’s development. Learn powerful member focused strategies to keep your members engaged with your organization!

Identify the current challenges your association is facing to develop a member journey that would improve your member retention and engagement.

What People Are Saying about this Webinar

"Just really appreciated how it really was a journey of kind of potential members to retaining members that I hadn't looked at in that way before." — Caitlin Plant, Program Manager, Distress and Crisis Ontario

"Very helpful. Soaking it all in. Very useful info!" — John Velleco, Executive Vice President, Gun Owners of America

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01/17/2023 - 14:00