Attract 3 Types of Friends: Donors, Media, Volunteers

How friendly is your website really? NFP websites should be designed with Donor, Media, and Volunteer-friendliness in mind. Making new friends and retaining old ones is no easy business, especially when it’s attempted online.

Make donations a painless task for your donor friends by maintaining a single-page donation form with one confirmation page. Your website’s homepage should show a prominent link to the donation page through smooth navigation and eye-catchy buttons that have a clear call-to-action.

Volunteers can be great friends as well. Make sure to ease the process of volunteerism by seeing them through a simple step-by-step procedure for it. Don’t overwhelm them with an overflow of information and requirements. Ideally, the volunteer page should provide viewers with clear information on how to get involved, how their services create a big impact, and a platform for expressing their ideas. Publicly acknowledge and appreciate the work of your volunteers after the event takes place.

Your media friends can be tricky – certain media exposure might work against your brand. Attract positive media attention by providing information about your recent social activity and events, the team along with approachable member profiles, and images and logos that journalists can easily download and use in news articles.

Shed the Spotlight on your Content

Your web content, be it written articles, videos or infographics, is your goldmine. Not only does it strengthen your search engine visibility, but it is also a marketing differentiator tool that many non-profits overlook. Storytelling has been a favorite, and quite a success factor, for many non-profits and their supporters. Having interactive timelines and exciting stories to support your mission and value basics can go a long way. Maximise viewer engagement by using simple language, keeping the content concise, and refraining from buzzwords.

Complement your Values and Brand Identity

Take a look at the overall look-and-feel of your website; does the design support your cause? Does it fit with your other promotional activities? A major design pitfall is when you put a lot of emphasis on the content that you start losing sight of how the style creatively matches your message. Design your website so that the logo, the fonts, the colors are consistent with your promotional activity and that the overall site appearance fits well with your cause, whether it has to do with cancer survivorship, social justice, poverty, etc. This is by far the biggest design challenge you might find, but once you find that sweet spot, it will definitely be worth all the effort.

These are our three key pointers for you to consider when unfolding your site redesign strategy. Let us know how you leverage your website into gaining more exposure in the NFP industry, we would love to add more to this list.