Beyond Membership: Creating a Thriving Community

About This Episode


Are you looking to take your association to the next level? Look no further! By prioritizing communication, collaboration, and member engagement you can be at the top.

Strong connections are essential in building a community. With the right strategy you can increase engagement and ensure the long-term sustainability for your organization.

Let's take your membership model to new heights and achieve success together!

About Our Guest 

Amanda Kaiser is at the forefront of exploring how member and attendee engagement is rapidly changing within professional communities. She authored the book Elevating Engagement: Uncommon Strategies for Creating a Thriving Member Community and shares her distinctive perspective and strategies for nurturing a dynamic and prosperous community.

We talked about

Why is a focus on engagement so important for associations right now?

In your book you have broken down the stages of member engagement. Can you tell us about them in short?

If we want to simplify the stages in 3 different member engagement levels - low, medium and high. How would you approach these 3 types of member segments?

Association staff often have limited time for member engagement. Which areas are the most important to focus on?

Can we talk about some key activities we can do to engage members?

What is the role of a membership website in member engagement?

Another key challenge we see is associations prepare an annual plan and there can be no deviation from that plan during the year. The world is changing faster than we can imagine. How can we be more agile?

How do we engage younger members/professionals?

How to organically gain new members without it always seeming like a sales pitch

When staffing resources and time are extremely limited, how do we develop strategies in creating a self-sustaining community independent of the leadership from official staff team members to sustain it?

How do we minimize the intervention of staff members to sustain the community to avoid the burnout that happens in this leadership role?

Do professional newbies, experienced and expert members need their own groups, or is it all about connecting all? 

Is the idea of recognizing long-standing members dead?

We onboard our members virtually. Onboarding email is the only means we use currently and the organizational email address receives it. Is there a way to improve our onboarding in a way that it extends our message to the entire organization and not solely the main contact person?

How much segmentation is too much when communicating with new members?

How long is a new member considered "new"?

Any new ways to do outreach instead of just mass mailers?

How do you adapt your recommendations for members who may only meet in the virtual world?

What is a good + affordable way to reach outside our current audience?

How to effectively onboard members with automatic communications?

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