Ask Me Anything: Your Questions On Membership Growth Answered!

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The Grype Podcast is all about membership growth. Farhad Khan, CEO of Grype Digital will answer your questions live in our upcoming podcast episode. Register for our events on our site to learn more about how to grow your association. Our podcast episodes are available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and YouTube. Follow us on our social media channels to learn when new episodes are available. 

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About This Episode
In this episode, we will answer the top questions submitted by you. Submit your question online or jump on the mic with us live to find the answers to all your membership site questions!

Join us as our CEO, Farhad Khan answers all your questions about membership sites and how to grow your association!

About Our Host
Farhad Khan, Membership Site Expert & CEO of Grype Digital, has coached and advised hundreds of associations to grow their membership. He is a tech entrepreneur specializing in creating membership sites for professional associations to increase member engagement.

He started his own tech company in 2009 to help associations and nonprofits solve their challenges with his digital technology skills.

Farhad’s awards and distinctions include Top 40 Under 40 by the Ottawa Business Journal, Bootstrap Award for Best Guerrilla Marketing and Named an Entrepreneurial Rising Star by Invest Ottawa. 

Full List Of Questions We Answered

 How do you make people "want" to join your Association instead of "needing" to join your Association?  

Where should member benefits be located in their website? What about membership information?

How many emails is too many emails? How do you engage without pressure/annoying?

A bulk of membership consists of existing members who are aware of your association and benefits already. How do we deliver more value to them as a member of our association?

What tools and technology we can use to ensure membership growth and what membership systems can help automate/remind members?   

Audience Questions 

With how digitally saturated our audiences are, what have you found to be the most successful tool to grow membership?

Is there a difference between retention strategies for digital members vs traditional members?

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