Podcast: Humanity of Member Engagement: The path to meaningful connections

About This Episode
Are you looking to take your association to the next level? Look no further! By prioritizing communication, collaboration, and member engagement you can increase your association's effectiveness and revenue.

Effective leadership and regular evaluation are essential in achieving your association's objectives. With the right strategy you can increase revenue and ensure the long-term sustainability for your organization. Let's take your membership model to new heights and achieve success together!


About Our Guest 
Elisa Pratt, CEO and Chief Strategist of Brewer Pratt Solutions, is an influential strategic specialist who served as an impactful senior staff member for several trade and individual membership associations, both domestic and international. She leverages a record of transformative success and specializes in strategic planning, leadership development, and engagement.

As an association management executive for more than 20 years, she delivers strategic and actionable innovations, future-focused member engagement solutions, and tactical operational effectiveness solutions.

With a unique background in components, Pratt is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), has earned her Certified Virtual Facilitator designation from the International Institute for Facilitation (INIFAC), and holds a MA in Government from Johns Hopkins University.

We talked about
How do I find out where potential members hang out?

How to get the buy-in from the decision-makers in your organization to invest in IT and digital marketing (understanding social media is not free)?

How to prospect in different provinces?

How do you get your BOD on board?

How to get a buy-in from your membership at large to serve a new market?

How to keep those first year members

Beyond the financial benefits of membership, how best to sell the less tangible benefits of your association?

How to grab the attention of our prospects when there is already so much noise (emails, newsletters, events etc).?

How do you reach out to try and attract new members without coming across as spam?

How to determine membership pricing when members are associations or businesses?

Does membership recruitment require different tactics for Gen Z vs older age cohorts?

How fluid are most recruitment campaigns that you've helped to create?  

Are they planned in advance with every step concretely established, or, are they adaptive based on the results of prior actions?

What is the best channel for outreach?

What do you do when your membership is limited by mission and bylaws?

In the new digital world, how do renewals cut through the clutter and are calling and mailing invoice campaigns still effective for renewals/retention?

What are your top three most successful membership recruitment procedures/campaigns?


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