Engaged Members Stay Members: Stop Chasing and Start Investing

About This Episode
Are you focusing on keeping your members happy, or getting distracted looking for ways to attract new members? Get the talk we all need to hear on how to stay focused and successful with membership marketing with the incomparable membership communication specialist, Beth Brodovsky, who joined us for a must-hear podcast episode. 

About Our Guest
Beth Brodovsky is the President of Iris Creative, an award winning strategic communication services firm based in Fort Washington, PA.

She generously shares her best advice and 25 years of experience working with associations and member-based organizations.

Full List of Questions We Asked Beth
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

Is there a science to building relationships with members? Are there rules, or a five-step process that works every time?

Why do you think it’s so common for associations to get membership marketing backwards? What can an association do today to make sure they focus their marketing on existing members?

What is your approach to determining which of the action items on your to-do list will have the biggest impact on your association’s marketing strategy?

Say we have narrowed down our focus - we know our audience, we know our lovers - now, how do we engage them?

Say we have done some interviews with our loyal members to understand what they want, out of all the needs and wants that our audience has, where do we put our money and focus?

Moving from strategy to execution: say we have a strategy in place, and it’s time to execute. We want to execute our marketing campaigns and deliver our services. What are the best ways to deliver services?

What content would you recommend associations include in their membership site?

What is the role of online member communities?

How do you make new members feel welcome when your existing members are connected and active in a way that may seem like a closed click?

How do you show the value of your membership to members when some of your member benefits are accessible to the general public?

How can we ask busy members to take time to attend events and volunteer with your association?

Can you share a tool or a strategy that makes you effective in your work?

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