Non-Dues Revenue: How Associations Can Diversify Their Revenue

About This Episode
Let's learn about how your association can diversify your revenue with non-dues revenue ideas. Our guest, Edward Byers, shares his expertise on non-dues revenue and how associations can diversify their revenue. Let's talk about why non-dues revenue is so important to associations and some key non-dues revenue areas.

About Our Guest
Edward Byers is the Director, Membership & Business Development at CSAE Canadian Society of Association Executives. Edward is an expert in business development and member engagement for generating revenue for associations through membership drives.

Full List of Questions We Asked Edward
Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

What partnerships are important to help create these revenue streams?

Can you share an experience when you helped an association make non-dues revenue?

Typical associations are tight on staff and money, are there any easier revenue streams you would recommend they get off the ground?

What are the different options for non-dues revenue? If I am an association leader, where do I start to create non-dues revenue? 

Do you have any examples of other non-dues revenues?

What types of partnership should we be exploring?

Since associations are mostly member-based and the main focus should be the members, how much time should we allocate for alternate revenue streams?

Partnership is a big source of non dues revenue for associations, how would you ensure that all parties are getting value from the partnership and revenue streams?

Since we build membership sites for associations, what tools do associations need on their membership site to be set up for non dues revenue?

Can you share some challenges you have had setting up non-dues revenue?

Audience Questions
How can you track the progress, success or failure of a non-dues revenue stream?

How do you structure the internal team to execute sponsorships? Roles and responsibilities?

How to provide more value to sponsors and partners now that everything is virtual and it’s hard to get attendees and members to engage with sponsors?

What are some things to balance corporate partnerships with advertising-sensitive members?

We are a provincial association. Do you have any best practices for associations to partner with sister provincial associations to develop programming that benefits the entire industry? Or do you recommend not to do it?

Should members care if their partnership dollars help support the mission of the association? Do members benefit from those sponsorship dollars?

Closing Questions
What is your biggest takeaway for our audience?

Can you share a personal habit that has contributed the most to your success?

How can people get in touch if they have any questions?

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