Client Stories


"What was really interesting that came out of the workshop were ideas like lead magnets and regular contact with members, but also the journey of when someone becomes a prospects and working them all the way through to membership".

Dean Karakasis
Executive Director 
BOMA Ottawa 





"The project has given us a massive and invaluable asset that increases our value proposition to our members. 

We are one of the few sports organization that has this member portal, and ours is going to be the state of the art with the up to date technology. That's what the project has done for us"

Derek Ventnor
Director, Finance and Business Operations
Skate Ontario



"One of the pieces that stood out to me was the action plan, it gave me that sense of mapping out ideas I was having and seeing what is feasible, what is actionable and what would be the return of investment on certain activities"

Jillian George
National Member Engagement Coordinator 
Canadian Association of Supported Employement (CASE)




"It was interesting to hear stories from other organizations to learn some of the unique challenges they are facing and also a good way to see clearly some things that we could change on our own.

I appreciated how it really was a journey from the kind of potential members phase to the retaining members one, that I hadn't looked at it in that way before

Caitlyn Plant
Program Manager
Distress and Crisis Ontario


"Grype were extremely personable, extremely responsive. We had a team, we met with them weekly. It provided great updates and interactions and opportunities to problem solve."

Siobhan O'Connor
Associate Director
The Writers' Union of Canada



"One of the things that Grype does really well is first, you got a lot of structure to what you do so you’re not just making this up. This is coming from a lot of clients, a lot of these kinds of projects — it shows, it really shows!

I think Grype always does a good job in pushing but it’s fact based and well-meaning because ultimately our success is Grype’s success."

Susan Moore
Community Engagement Manager
International Institute of Business Analysis



"I would say to anyone, don’t hesitate. It’s really, really worth it. Because some of what you’re doing will be absolutely reaffirmed.

For anyone who wants their organization grow, I’d say go for it!”

Laurel Simmons
The REITE Club


















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