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Membership Trends You Can't Miss in 2023

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About This Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn important insights to evaluate your association’s development. Learn powerful member focused strategies to keep your members engaged in your organization as well as new ones coming!

Get to know how associations are performing these days, what kind of challenges they are facing and obtain insights about the market that could help you to keep your membership rate growing.

Topics Discussed In This Webinar

  • Strategies that worked and you should strengthen for next year.
  • How automation of operations can walk you through membership success.
  • What are the challenges that many associations face.
  • Important areas of improvement to grow your association.

Compliments From Our Webinar Attendees
"Thank you for the webinar. It will really help us make informed decisions!" — Paul Seale, Membership Engagement Manager, Pillar Nonprofit Network.

"This is valuable information and will help us know how to get things done!" — Erin Vanderstelt, Manager, Membership Engagement and Growth, Canadian Anesthesiologists' Society

"Very helpful. Soaking it all in. Very useful info!" — John Velleco, Executive Vice President, Gun Owners of America

Who Is This Webinar For?
This webinar is for member-focused association staff watching your members flounder on your membership site, or lack thereof. You know that improving your membership site will improve the user experience of your members. You understand that happy members renew themselves. Every day with your lack-lustre membership site is another day of frustration for your members and staff.

But getting the approval to make a significant change to your membership site is hard! Your boss and association board have many priorities and the membership site is not at the top. This webinar will help you learn how to get your membership site project green-lit by your higher-ups.

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What Is A Membership Site?
A membership site (also called a member portal or member's area) is a powerful tool for your association to better serve all your stakeholders.

Public Content vs. Members-Only Content
Having a membership site — separate from your public-facing website — allows you to create a curated experience for your members. This frees up your public website for content that is more appropriate for prospective members and other external stakeholders.

Streamline Internal Processes
A well-designed membership site also streamlines work performed by your association's team. By improving the user journey and experience for your members and prospective member, the frequency of customer service requests drops significantly. This frees up your staff time to invest in building your association and your content.

Member Benefits Delivery
A benefits-delivery-focused membership site will revolutionize how your association delivers your member benefits to your members. Increased member engagement and retention are possible!

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